Welcome to Protein MD

Hello everyone!  This is the first post for Protein.MD, a blog focusing on diet’s influence on health and aging.  Research in this field is exciting and has grown enormously in recent years.

I’m pretty busy with work these days, but intend to write here when I can.  I’m also penning a book on this topic when I find spare time.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Protein MD

  1. This is great! There have been a lot of rogue amateur physicians out there starting blogs on this topic (I am one of them, and by “amateur physician” I mean not a physician AT ALL). It will be interesting to follow someone who is actually in the medical field on this topic.


  2. Hi. Just say this blog today. I saw it reading Stephan Guyenet’s latest piece. It is very, very confusing stuff to me. I appreciate people who put in the effort to try to help others understand the role of diet and nutrition in our lives.

    Like I said, I find the whole thing very confusing. What I do know, is that I seem to perform better on a diet that is fairly high in fat (I eat a lot of meat and eggs, some coconut oil, some cheese…), high in vegetables and fairly high in tubers (sweet potatoes in particular). I seem to react very poorly to pretty much any grains in both weight management and energy levels. For some reason, tubers don’t make me sluggish, but wheat products do.

    Anyways, good luck with your blog and your work.

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